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Swiss Knife for GHO devs, that enable faster development and lets one experiment with GHO!


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Project Description

A dozen React hooks are like a Swiss Army knife for developers; they not only simplify life but also serve as a playground for the curious minds eager to swiftly whip up a dapp and weave GHO into its fabric.

It abstracts out the intricacies that often haunt frontend devs, when trying to build web3 UI.

How it's Made

We have built the hooks on top of Wagmi, that already offers a set of hooks and contexts to interact with smart contracts. We offer React hooks like useGHOBalance, useSupplyCollateral and a bunch of others that can trigger collateral submission, or balance viewing at the click of a button without having to go through the complexities of smart contract ABIs and contract addresses, thus reducing development time and effort

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