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Extract Event types from any contract and turn them into decentralized notifications


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ETHGlobal Paris

Winner of


🏊 Worldcoin — Pool Prize


🤖 XMTP — Best Alert Bot


🏊 Push Protocol — Pool Prize

Project Description

Our project, Gaston, was built primarily using TypeScript, which allowed us to leverage strong typing and improve code quality. We integrated several technologies to achieve real-time notifications for Ethereum contract Events. Key components include WorldCoin, XMTP, Push Protocol, WalletConnect, Metamask, and React.

To retrieve contract Events data, we utilized the Etherscan API. Users can subscribe to specific Event types emitted by Ethereum smart contracts through our web application. As a hackathon project, we implemented a local storage solution within the browser to manage user subscriptions.

Integrating with XMTP presented some challenges during development, but we successfully overcame them by using the respective SDKs. On the other hand, the integration with Push Protocol went smoothly.

In terms of security, we ensured that user-provided channel IDs and XMTP addresses remained private and secure throughout the notification process.

As this project was designed for the hackathon, scalability concerns were not the primary focus. However, we recognize the importance of addressing scalability in future development stages to accommodate a larger user base.

Our participation in various sponsor programs, including bounties and prizes, allowed us to leverage their technologies and resources, enhancing the overall functionality and performance of Gaston.

For testing purposes, we conducted thorough trials on the Goerli testnet to ensure compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. While we focused on Goerli for the hackathon, further development is required to broaden compatibility with other EVM networks.

In the limited time available for the hackathon, we focused on delivering a functional and innovative solution, avoiding any "hacky" implementations to maintain code quality and reliability.

How it's Made

Gaston is an open-source, web-based application designed to facilitate real-time notifications from Ethereum contract Events. The platform supports self-hosting, enabling users to run the service autonomously without any cost. Leveraging the power of Etherscan, Gaston allows users to subscribe to specific Event types emitted by Ethereum smart contracts. When a new Event occurs, users receive instant notifications via Push Protocol, by providing a channel ID, or through XMTP, using their specified address. While currently tested on Goerli, the project architecture is EVM-compatible, allowing for potential integration with other Ethereum Virtual Machine networks with further development. Gaston stands as a free and open-source solution, empowering developers and users alike with real-time access to contract Events

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