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It is a backend service that uses SSV solution for Ethereum private keys splitting(DVT) and can be integrated with any staking pool solution.


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Project Description

The main problem with any solution build on SSV is manual intervention to create keys and split them. This reduces the efficiency of the system and can also result in human errors. It would be much better if the key creation and splitting part can be combined and automated in a way that no human involvement is involved. For the current hackathon, I'll be focusing on combining the existing solutions and creating a backend service for the same. Many future improvements are possible with this solution. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Automatic storing keys in any HSM vault as a backup
  2. Random selection of node operators. The logic for selection of node operators can be changed depending on how the staking solution needs to implement.
  3. Can integrate the same with already present solutions like LIDO and pSTAKE. Just needs a smart contract that will manage the node operator keys and the backend interaction.

For the Demo I have created a sample liquid staking solution using the same.

How it's Made

The project used below two repos metioned:

  1. : Used to create ethereum staking keys for validators
  2. : Used to split the keys in 4 parts. The solution needs the staking contract to implement few important functions:
  3. Whitelisting an address to add keys to the contract so that the application submit the keys to contract which can be further used to deposit to ethereum deposit contract
  4. Another variable storing the names or id of the node operators that can be used to get the key of operators used for splitting the keys.
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