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A public good, social platform built on a lens, that creates a new way for creators and their fans to blossom together using social tokens. Simple tokenomics with easy to use templates, user friendly UI experience and multimedia creation all in one place.


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ETHNewYork 2022

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πŸš€ Optimism β€” Just Deploy!


πŸ”Ÿ Polygon β€” Top 10


πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ Pocket β€” Pool Prize


🀝 Lens Protocol β€” "follow on lens" or "sign in with lens"


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πŸ₯ˆ Unlock β€” Best Use

Project Description

Gard3n. Your content is your garden, come grow with us.

Content has the power to inspire us, teach us, entertain us, connect us and help us grow. We are your decentralized community GARD3N - a public goods social engagement platform that rewards creators, and their fans / communities to help cultivate a new form of creating and interacting with shared prosperity at its roots.

Gard3n nourishes the relationship between creators and their communities by helping them connect easier while building shared gard3ns (micro communities powered by social tokens).

Fans - Fans are rewarded for their time, dedication, and engagement. - Fans are able to receive and stake their social tokens allowing them to unlock exclusive drops, nfts, perks, and benefits based on the creator. - For those wanting to interact with their favorite creators faster, they are able to purchase the social tokens needed to stake and earn these exclusive creator perks. Creators - Creators are easily onboarded to web3 with easy to use tokenomic templates to help them get started. - Creators are rewarded through the buying, redeeming and trading of their social tokens. - Creators can create multimedia content in a user-friendly UI experience.

Both are rewarded by feeling valued and supported by the other.

The problem

Current web2 social networks extract value from content creators for their own profit, and community members / fans are given no rewards despite investing countless hours of interaction with various content and platforms. Creators and communities also have to sign up and use multiple social platforms with different algorithm rules because there is no true multimedia social platform.

Social tokens offer a creator owned alternative option to subscriptions, but tokenomics are complicated and most creators do not have the time or resources to learn how to effectively set up micro economies for their communities. There are also no easy to use social platforms that allow for a one stop shop for both the creators and their communities in web3.

While blockchain technology allows for gated access and rewards based on tokens and NTFS, currently a fan or supporter has a huge learning curve to be able to purchase those things in order to access these perks.

The solution

We aim to create a nourishing public good social platform that creates win-win scenarios for both creators and their supporters. With an easy to use UX, and built-in tokenomics templates and social token minting, our aim is to simplify everything for both the creators and users. People will use Gard3n not because it's a web3 app, but because it's an easy, fun and rewarding platform that creates value for creators and their communities equally.

The creator’s community and fans only need a wallet and lens profile to be able to begin to earn rewards and receive access to token gated perks and experiences. With our earn a token model, we reward engaged supporters with their favorite creators social tokens without having to purchase anything, making it easy to onboard new people.

No creator ever sticks to just one form of media creation. Musicians also make videos, write blog posts and create both long and short form content. Poets share their poetry both visually, orally and through longer explanations of what inspired the piece. Online course creators and coaches build out various forms of learning content, record podcasts, write blogs and create videos. Creators are multifaceted and a social platform should allow for all forms of expression, and easily creates a one stop shop for their supporters and community to consume, engage and earn redeemable social tokens.

How it's Made

LENS protocol Gard3n is built on top of lens protocol and aims to keep in line with their brand and theme to create more cohesion for users.

Polygon For community supporters to unlock access to gated content or rewards, they will need to stake the creators social tokens. If someone also wants to skip the earn part of collecting tokens, they are able to purchase them. Mint, distribute, and stake social tokens with low gas fees.

Walletconnect Connect to mobile wallets.

Unlock Enables token gated content such as event tickets, livepeer streams, blog posts, etc.

EPNS: Fans with ENS are able to sign up for notifications letting know they’ve earned social tokens they can claim, when new perks or rewards are being offered and new content from their favorite creators is live. Notify users to claim social tokens when they are eligible for them.

Livepeer Decentralized live streaming service. Creators can make our livepeer integration token-gated as a creator perk.

POKT Network RPC provider. RPC used in Wallet Connect Integration

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