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Game Guilds DAO

A Gaming Community DAO Platform for streamers and viewers with unique guilds and polls

Game Guilds DAO

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Project Description

Our project is a Proof of Concept Gamer Community DAO. The idea is to allow video game streamers to create "Guilds", which have a unique name and tokenURI for the NFT memberships. The idea is to allow these NFT memberships access to additional gated content and to vote on snapshot polls to decide how the streamer plays their games. Similar to Twitch Memberships and Strawpolls. The difference is that we allow the subscribers to own their membership in the form of a NFT and vote on SnapshotJS. In the two days we were able to create a unique smart contract, hook it up to a working frontend, allow Guild creation, NFT minting and poll creation. If we were to continue this project we would like to have streamers create membership tier levels with special gated perks, integrate GnosisSafe, and add more utility to the membership NFT like rewards perks and access to gated content.

How it's Made

This project connects a dApp frontend built using NextJS to our unique ERC721 Smart Contract. We used SnapshotJS to integrate proposals. Our NFTS are tied to a Guild struct which has a unique image uploaded to IPFS via Moralis. We were able to get a working frontend dApp connected to a rinkeby testnet smart contract.

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