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G Yield

A project to provide stable quick turn around yields on your DeFi Protocol investements

G Yield

Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

The G-Yield project has been created to foster the provision of stable, predictable yield products accessible to mainstream users. The idea is to reduce the skill level required to safely and accurately access and benefit from the various earnings protocols present and emerging in DeFi. Our users are people who are new to Web3, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, who have a strong desire to partake in the DeFi and Cryptocurrency boom. Our users for one reason or another will not have or want to spend the time examine conceptual or technical documentation, but may have heard of an exciting new protocol that they may want to support. At this point G-Yield gives them an easy intuitive way to access the gains from the protocol whilst shielding these supporters from many of the inherent risks associated with investment.

Our goal is to provide a simple straight forward yield devoid of the many charges (e.g. pay to approve, pay to transact) and hazards associated with supporting your favourite DeFi projects.

How it's Made

This project has been built using solidity and custom integrations into 88mph, Compound, Element.Fi, Idle, Liquity, Pods, Stake DAO BitGo, and Vega earnings protocols.

The principal of the project is that it should be possible for a user to invest as little as $10 on a 2% return over 24 hours and after the maturity/delivery date they will have exactly $10.20 available to draw from G-Yield. Each deposit is a separate transaction and with a separate interaction with the yield protocol. So two deposits of $10 one at 2% and the other at 5% will return after their different terms have expired as $10.20 and $10.50 respectively.

The UI has been hosted on IPFS and it uses Metamask as it's Web3 provider. Internal price data has been farmed out to Tellor, Umbrella and Chainlink. The number of Oracles has allowed the project to support many more markets dynamically than would be possible with a single oracle implementation.

Build was done with Remix

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