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FVM Explore

FVM-Explore allows developers to deploy, interact, verify their smart contracts in a user-friendly interface.

FVM Explore

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FVM Space Warp

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Project Description

FVM-Explore was built for the purpose of improving the developer experience on the FVM Chains, For FVM to be used and adopted widely the developer experience has to improve, And FVM-Explore was built with the same goal. Not only does it improve the deployment, interaction and verification process but it also allows developers to build applications on top of FVM-Explore using the apis that it provides.

FVM-Explore is divided into three different parts:

Explore => Allows developers to interact with their smart contracts in an easy manner by just pasting their contract address.

Deploy => Helps developers avoid the cumbersome process of creating a complete project to deploy a smart contract and it also takes care of the compilation process as well as making sure the users don't have to export private keys or write any scripts to deploy their smart contracts.

Verify => This feature helps developers to verify their already deployed smart contracts in one single click and speeds up the process of contract verification. The best thing about this feature is the fact that it also works with contracts that were not deployed with FVM-Explore.

APIs for developers to interact with FVM Explore directly -> /compile to compile the code -> /verify to verify the contract code -> /searchContract to get ContractData for the contract

How it's Made

The Frontend is built on top of Next Application with design built with HTML , Tailwind CSS , Chakra UI for the best User Experience and Clean Interactive interface.

TypeScript & React are used for building the core logic of the platform to enable a type safe and Smooth experience.

Solc Compiler is being used for compiling the contract code in solidity . Ethers..js is used to facilitate Contract deployment and Interaction with Blockchain. Wagmi + Rainbowkit to enable wallet Connection with *HyperSpace testnet * .

The Contract data is stored on IPFS via service. IPFS CIDs of the contracts are then stored in the Registery Contract Deployed on FVM HYPERSPACE TESTNET , which is also used for fetching the data later on.

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