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Creation of onchain condition-gated discussion & threads-like channels.


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ETHGlobal Paris

Winner of


🥈 XMTP — Best Use


🏃 Airstack — Runner Up

Project Description

We've created custom-made Reddit threads-like channels between users based on consistent conditions (same NFTs purchase, same year creation of wallets, same use of a DeFi protocol, same POAP). This provides a solution to create automatically a social network based on the transactions made on the blockchain. This can have useful applications in gathering people in a same channel without unveiling their identities. We are then all able to exchange ideas in XMTP channels under the hood. This project uses AirStack to find the NFT holders of a collection on the Blockchain.

How it's Made

This project proposes an web application, the creation of a DataBase thanks to AirStack that organizes the blockchain data and a Messaging Layer built on top of XMTP for the creation of Reddit threads-like. We provide a community channel gathering people that have made similar action with their wallets.

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