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Fungibles is decentralised 3D NFT Short video content site. Convert You boring 2D NFT to 3D tiktok videos and share it.


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Project Description

Fungibles is decentralised 3D NFT Short video content app. The idea of fungible is to convert your 2d NFT like BAYC to 3D model and make the fun animation short video that can be minted as NFT and shared as Social media post where other peer can follow your NFT Post. As you sign in you create a decentralised profile with Lens Protocol and you then view other users post can create your own NFT video content that is be upload and streamed from livepeer decentralised video network. If you don't own a NFT in your wallet right now platform come with collection of 3D video NFTs from world famous collection that you can mint and create a Post using lens protocol. Have Fun by sharing and watching you NFT dance !!

How it's Made

The Project is Major build on Lens Protocol All the social media profile, follower , following , createpost, autentication is done using Lens protocol. We use livepeer for uploading the 3D NFT's Video and fetching the videos. To Mint and NFT we using Smartcontract which is developed using solidity language and Hardhat framework deployed on Polygon network. On the Fornt End we use Nextjs to Create a UI we use Tailwind CSS for styling. Also Blender was used to make 3D models and animation videos for the prototype of the project.

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