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FuelScape turns player items on RuneScape Classic server into NFTs on the Fuel VM


Created At

ETHSanFrancisco 2022

Winner of


🥇 Fuel — Best Use


🏆 ETHSanFrancisco Finalist

Project Description

FuelScape leverages the scalability of Fuel VM execution layer to integrate the RuneScape Classic game play with a decentralized blockchain game state.

Players can associate a wallet with their player name. Each item type represents a distinct fungible token, similar to the ERC1151 standard on the EVM. The chain state of the tokens is synchronized with the game state

When a player logs in, his inventory is retrieved from the chain state, and his wallet is locked for transfers. During play, his on-chain inventory is updated in real time. When a player logs out, his wallet is unlocked and his inventory remains available out-of-game.

This allows powerful extensions to the game ecosystem with third party applications. Possible use cases range from market places, over loyalty programs, to crafting mechanics.

How it's Made

FuelScape uses a fork of the Open RuneScape Classic framework (Open-RSC) to run the game server. As Fuel does not have a Java SDK, a REST API wrapper written in Rust runs on the same machine. During the relevant function calls on the game server, the code cooks into the smart contract logic by dispatching the corresponding REST API requests.

The backend service then uses the Rust SDK to process the requests and interact with the Fuel beta network on behalf of the game server. The game state is updated on the chain in a responsive manner. The service can also load the game state from the chain to provide a player's inventory.

A frontend enables the generation of a Fuel wallet, which can then be linked to their player name. Once a wallet is generated and linked to a game character, the frontend can load the player's inventory. It will display each item ID, item count and - where available - the in-game image of that item.

Finally, a number of custom graphics and assets have been included in the game to demonstrate unique use cases enabled through this project. Special items can be awarded to players through the backend service and smart contract logic, and will subsequently be loaded onto the character upon the player's next login.

Considering the scope of the project, we would like to point out that everything was indeed implemented during the hackathon, and no work had been done before starting.

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