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No-Code tools for Web2&3. FRKT(/frɪkt/) provides a frictionless UX for any app.


Created At

ETHOnline 2023

Winner of


🔥 Lit Protocol — Best Use of Claimable Keys


🏊 Scroll — Pool Prize

Project Description

No-Code tools for Web2&3. FRKT(/frɪkt/) provides a frictionless UX for any app.

🤔 Problem:
When I was thinking about dApps ideas, I always ran into two onboarding UX issues.

  • Handling wallet is difficult for users: Wallet installation, setup, and private key management is too difficult.
  • If you get passed the above, there's the next issue. "Depositing first gas fee": It is annoying to register with CEX, buy the token, and send it to my address!

💡 Solution:
Account Abstraction and MPC by Lit protocol enable user’s wallet creation & transaction handling.
In addition to that, we have taken protocols, smart contracts, and APIs etc. and set it up as a recipe.
By embedding recipe javascript code into the existing app page, the app user can call web3 functions. It’s like "Zapier" or "IFTTT" does in Web2 apps.

🏓 Workflow:

  1. [App owner] Setup App, Select a recipe to use, Generate widget code in FRKT dashboard
  2. [App owner] Install widget code into apps. (paste 1 javascript file & script tag)
  3. [App users] When the application user opens the widget.
    3-1. Create a user's wallet (a. Google Oauth or b. webauthn).
    3-2. Execute function in a widget (gas-less tx by AA).

How it's Made

This product has two main parts dashboard & widget.

  • [feature point] In order to make the UX to lower the handle for initial web3 users to send transactions, we combined LitProtocol MPC and GoogleAuth and WebAuthn to allow for one-click wallet generation and gasless transactions.

A detailed description of dashboard widget follows.

  • [dashboard] The dashboard uses Next.js and PostgreSQL and is authenticated via GitHub or Google Oauth. Configure Apps and Recipes, and generate the code to run the embedded widget.

  • [Mint omnichain NFT widget] NFT widget uses Biconomy SDK for AA and gasless transaction realization. We also used Chainlink CCIP SDK to implement omnichain NFT. By combining these technologies, we were able to develop the basis for functionality that allows users to manage their digital assets without having to be aware of the differences between chains.

  • [SignContract widget]

    The SignContract widget uses Safe Core AA SDK and Relay Kit for access control and gasless transactions that only accept signatures from specific wallet addresses. We also use The Graph to index smart contract data to make it easier to retrieve the contract information used for each recipe. PDF files of the contracts are uploaded to IPFS using

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