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project screenshot - Collateral-Free F2F Lending

A new Collateral-Free Lending Protocol which utilizes a Friend to Friend Trust Network - Collateral-Free F2F Lending

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ETHGlobal Waterloo

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πŸŠβ€β™‚οΈ Polygon β€” Pool Prize


πŸ₯ˆ XDC Foundation β€” Best Use

Project Description

Friend.Fi is a groundbreaking friend-to-friend lending platform that revolutionizes borrowing and lending. Unlike traditional systems that require excessive collateral, Friend.Fi utilizes social credit and trust between friends as collateral, eliminating the need for physical assets.

By introducing soulbound tokens to quantify trust, users can borrow funds based on the trust level established with their friends. Repaying loans increases trust scores, while defaulting decreases them. The platform's network effects allow borrowers to access loans from friends, friends of friends, and beyond.

The system addresses concerns of fake identities and sybil attacks through WorldId, PolygonId or Sismo. Smart contracts are depolyed to Polygon-ZKEVM, Gnosis Testnet, Linea, and XDC.

Also here's the link to the presentation:

How it's Made

The bulk of the work and logic of this project is in the solidity. Worldcoin's WorldId, PolygonId and Sismo (all on chain) are used as a key part of the project as they do a good job to combat any attempts at sybil attacks.

Smart contracts were deployed on Polygon ZKEVM, Mumbai, Linea, Gnosis's Testnet, and XDC. Not only were they fun and new to me to deploy on, they would also play a key role if this were to become a product. Friend.Fi needs to maintain accessibility to anyone, even those who can't afford to pay high gas fees, thus having inexpensive (and fast) transactions is a key part of Friend.Fi!

In terms of actual development, hardhat was used to write the contracts, compile them, and deploy them. Frontend was bootstrapped with a nextjs bootstrap

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