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Simple web3 event app where you can stake to block your spot for the event


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Project Description

FreshMint is a user-friendly web3 event application that offers a unique twist on event attendance. With FreshMint, you can secure your spot at your favorite events by staking a digital asset. This stake not only guarantees your reservation but also enhances your commitment to attend. Say goodbye to last-minute cancellations and hello to a seamless event experience with FreshMint.

How it's Made

Our mobile app is built using React Native, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user interface across both iOS and Android platforms.

To ensure the integrity and transparency of event reservations, we've implemented a robust Solidity smart contract on the blockchain. This contract facilitates the staking mechanism, allowing users to secure their event spot by committing a digital asset. This not only guarantees their attendance but also fosters a stronger commitment to the event.

User authentication is powered by Worldcoin, providing a secure and efficient login process. This ensures that each user's identity is verified and protected, enhancing the overall security of the platform.

Additionally, FreshMint leverages the power of Zora for profile minting. This feature enables users to create and customize their profiles, adding a personal touch to their event attendance experience.

The dynamic event listing and fetching are made possible through Graph Protocol integration. This ensures that users can easily explore and access a wide range of events, enhancing their event discovery process.

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