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Messaging app powered by XMTP and TalentLayer, where hiring managers can easily create gig posts, receive and approve freelancer proposals, all within the app, making it a seamless experience for gig workers to get hired and paid for their projects.


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ETHGlobal Paris

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🛠️ XMTP — XMTP & TalentLayer

Project Description

Our messaging app utilizes a modified version of the TalentLayer codebase called StarterKit. Employers have the convenience of creating work bounties (gigs) directly from the chat by simply writing a prompt such as "/create-gig [Gig name] [Bounty amount and currency]." Once created, the gig is instantly displayed to the candidate in their chat, simultaneously generating a corresponding Gig entry on TalentLayer with a unique gig ID. The candidate can readily accept the gig from the chat by clicking an embedded button within the gig message, triggering the creation of a Proposal, which is also saved on TalentLayer. Employers have the ability to accept the proposal, which then updates the gig's status, preventing any further submissions to this specific bounty.

How it's Made

  • Project is a fork of TalentLayer's Starter Kit, which can be found here:
  • Frontend is built in JavaScript (+React)
  • Used the graph to retrieve gig ID from the chain (through talentLayer)
  • Next steps to improve app: (1) build cool looking UI, (2) add the payment escrow, (3) give employers the possibility to leave review. All these modules exist in TalentLayer (but was too short on time to implement them in the app on xmtp).
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