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Frankenstein DeFi DAO - where people and robots join forces to manage DeFi liquidity


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🏊‍♂️ IPFS — Pool Prize

Project Description

We are presenting a hybrid Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in which both robots (programs) and people can participate in order to improve the capital efficiency and thus profitability of the liquidity deployed in the Focus Protocol Automated Market Maker (AMM). Each liquidity provider can vote directly with voting power proportional to the value of the liquidity that he deployed. In addition, voters can proxy-vote, delegating their voting power to other trusted or trustless parties. If proxied to people the issuer of the proxy entrusts the voting power to the receiver. If proxied to robots, the relationship is trustless (no need for trust) as the robots act in a predescribed manner as exhivited by their source code.

How it's Made

The smart contracts run on EVM and are written in Solidity. The front end is written and JavaScript and using React and ethers.js. The liquidity pool parameter update Robots are written in Solidity and stored on IPFS, then compiled using the Solc Solidity JavaScript compiler and the binary code is deployed to the EVM.

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