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Discover and create trending frames with our easy-to-use platform. Explore top trending frames or craft your unique minting frame in our Creator Studio, designed for both enthusiasts and creators.


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Karma3Labs - Top 3 Clients or Apps built using OpenRank APIs

Project Description

I'm creating a platform that harnesses the Karma3Labs API to explore the top global frames, coupled with a Creator Studio where anyone can design and mint their own frames on Base. This initiative aims to make the latest trends accessible while fostering creativity in the NFT space. Using Airstack to get NFT data and privy for auth

How it's Made

  • karma3labs Farcster Graph API for top global frames. Karma3Labs offers a Graph API that is specifically designed for accessing data related to top global frames. My pagination on feed is broken so need to fix that
  • Airstack APIs to retrieve the NFT token data. I need to revoke API key currently being used and move it to env variables
  • Privy for authentication. I wanted to use embedded wallets to power NFT deployer and power casting from my app
  • Introduced Base as the first chain to offer a no-code solution for creating mintable frame
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