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Frames Hub

FrameHub analyzes Farcaster Frame trends & engagement, aiding project decisions. We also have our Farcaster account which provides daily updates. Stay informed, make better choices.

Frames Hub

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XMTP - Open Frames Bounty

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Optimism - Super Frame Discovery


ETHGlobal - 🏆 Frameworks Finalist

Project Description

FrameHub is an analytic for Frame on Farcaster aim to capture the trends, engagement to enhance project decisions. We offer a FrameHub website to monitor and analyze trends of Frames on Farcaster, and a FrameHub account on Farcaster to send daily updates on for Farcaster users to keep updates on the trends.

How it's Made

We developed a scheduling system to perform ETL operations on frame data utilizing the Neynar API. Subsequently, we employed frames.js to construct a frame to display the most popular frames over the last hour/day. This frame is designed to be compatible with both the OpenFrame Standard and the XMTP client. Furthermore, we designed a frame discovery dashboard using Next.js, enabling users to explore trending or recent frames, search for specific frames, and access analytics for individual frames.

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