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Frame Mint allows anyone to create and mint NFTs on Farcaster.


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Project Description

This project focuses on minting and listing NFTs on Farcaster, enabling anyone to mint easily. It simplifies the process for users to create NFTs and directly post them on Farcaster, making it both easy and fast. This approach can significantly enhance community engagement and user experience by providing a straightforward and efficient platform for NFT creation and sharing.

How it's Made

This project leverages Frame.js, Pinata, and IPFS to create and manage NFTs on a decentralized storage platform. We'll use Next.js for both frontend and backend development, offering a seamless user interface and server-side functionality. We will use base blockchain, where smart contracts are deployed and managed using Hardhat, an EVM development environment that simplifies contract testing and deployment. Alchemy will be our choice for an RPC provider.

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