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Introducing FrameLife: Answer a few questions, and through your life choices guiding you through your journey, get a personalized NFT avatar generated by AI! Enter the metaverse uniquely with FrameLife's frame-based avatars.


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FrameLife is an innovative project revolutionizing avatar creation for the metaverse. Users engage by answering tailored questions, guiding the generative AI process. Leveraging frames.js, a powerful tool for frame-based design, each avatar is meticulously crafted, ensuring uniqueness and personalization.

The magic doesn't end there. FrameLife seamlessly integrates with Pinata IPFS for secure storage and distribution of NFTs, safeguarding users' digital identities. Powered by Next.js, the platform offers a seamless, responsive experience, enhancing accessibility across devices.

Through FrameLife, users unlock a gateway to the metaverse, each NFT avatar a manifestation of their personality and preferences. It's more than just a project; it's a bridge connecting individuals to the digital realm, redefining self-expression in virtual spaces

How it's Made

Building FrameLife was a journey filled with challenges, especially as we, coming from a web 2.0 background, delved into the complexities of web 3.0. We encountered numerous hurdles along the way but persevered, ultimately crafting a seamless experience for our users.

Our foundation rested on Next.js, providing a robust framework for building React applications. We leveraged frames.js, a cutting-edge library for frame-based design, which formed the core of our avatar generation process. Integrating Pinata IPFS was pivotal, ensuring secure storage and distribution of NFTs, safeguarding user data.

Navigating through unfamiliar territory, we sought guidance from mentors and diligently scoured documentation to bridge our knowledge gaps. This collaborative approach proved invaluable, enabling us to overcome technical obstacles and refine our project.

One notable challenge was integrating generative AI seamlessly into our platform. We had to experiment with different AI models and fine-tune parameters extensively to achieve the desired level of personalization. It was a meticulous process, but the end result was worth the effort, as users could truly see themselves reflected in their avatars.

In hindsight, while our journey was riddled with difficulties, each obstacle served as a learning opportunity, fueling our growth as developers. FrameLife stands as a testament to our resilience and determination to push the boundaries of what's possible in the metaverse.

We also use TailwindCSS, Javascript and Frames.js

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