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FrameCoiner- create gasless trading accounts and perform trades in single click using FRAMES !!!!!!!!!!


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Optimism - Seamless Bridge Frame

Project Description

FrameCoiner enables creating interactive frames which allow trading various tokens through dexes. This enables seamless user experience and that too in a single click. the traded token are sent back to the connected wallet address and also enables cross-chain gasless experience. Feature such as limit orders can also be easliy integrated to give an e2e experience

How it's Made

FrameCoiner Stack enables this experience by leveraging the swap and limit order apis from Matcha/0x. the users create a trading account linked to their farcaster wallet which can be securely stored in one of the multiple storage providers such as passkeys, privy or self-managed. the stack then handles the e2e lifecycle of creating the order, validating it and the executing it on chain via the inbuilt relayer stack, which submits the transactions on users behalf and transfers back the traded tokens to the farcaster wallet and hence user has custody of the trader funds, while getting the best prices from the aggreagator and a gasless experience. All from FRAMES !!!!

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