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An interactive client for Farcaster with support for videos and games


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Optimism - Super Frame Discovery

Project Description

FrameCaster is an interactive client that lets the user discover the top frames available on Farcaster ecosystem. A user can look at global ranking or login to view frames that are curated based on their interest and followers.

It also supports rendering video and 3D frames - to provide seamless experience to farcaster users.

How it's Made

This project is built with SvelteKit for UI and uses Farcaster JS client to interact with the network. Ferature integrations:

  1. Karmalabs APIs to fetch frame rankings and frames relevant to a user.
  2. Video and reels integration with LivePeer
  3. 3D rendering support with Pinata and IPFS

We ran into issues trying to integrate auth, frames and pretty much every framework out there - because they only support REACT!

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