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Frame Maker

Users can generate Farcaster Frames from templates with no coding necessary mint tickets, nfts, and more

Frame Maker

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Project Description

This app allows non-technical users to create and share their own frames without any coding necessary. Simply navigate to the app, fill out the form for their frame which can include event ticketing, selling an nft, doing a free mint, etc. The user must connect a web3 wallet, then pay to launch both their smart contract and frame simultaneously. From there the frames can be found on Warpcast or any associated Farcaster client.

How it's Made

We hosted the app on vercel and used a Next.js framework for the front end. We used a web3 startkit from Imuze and Pinata was used to host the images to appear on the frame. The smart contracts are deployed on Base Seppolia. The frog frames sdk is relied upon heavily to generate the frame content and pinata analytics in our frame template.

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