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no-code tool for creating Analytics Charts inside Frames on Farcaster


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XMTP - Open Frames Bounty

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The Graph - Best use of The Graph Network Pool

Project Description

frame-charts allows users to create insightful charts to be displayed inside farcaster frames.

No coding experience needed. Users will fill out a form on the frame-charts frontend, where they select: a.) Data Source & Parameters (from a subgraph) b.) Submit Form c.) Receive Frame URL, ready to be published

How it's Made

The Project contains of 3 components.

  1. frame-charts frontend
  • takes in User Choices & returns Frame URL
  1. frame-charts backend (Next.js)
  • creates visual charts in CSS from the User inputs and data sources of The Graph
  • returns Chart as an Image
  1. Frames.js
  • handles all the API routing of the Frame
  • Takes in the Chart Image and other Data to create a Frame URL

Project has been mostly build in Javascript and has leveraged a lot of the functionalities that next.js provides out of the box, like Image generation for example.

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