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Fractal is a decentralised accounting tool preserving users privacy and providing insight into interactions with defi protocols.


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Project Description

Fractal is a privacy-preserving Ethereum accounting tool that provides insight into Ethereum, ERC20 and DeFi protocol transactions. It allows users to enter multiple Ethereum addresses, select the DeFi protocols they use, and specify a date range. Our backend then trawls the blockchain to collect all the required transactions to generate a report for the user. Our contextual engine adds context to all transactions, as well as providing summaries of the data in both USD and ETH. This report is then encrypted and uploaded to IPFS, allowing only the user to access this report at any point in time, and share it with their accountant.

How it's Made

Our frontend was built using Next.JS and web3 and is fully deployed on Fleek. Our backend is built entirely in Go and uses a combination of Google's big query and the graph protocol to fetch Ethereum data and contextual information for all transactions. Finally both the frontend and the backend plug into IPFS, with the frontend using Fleeks space daemon behind the scenes to upload the users content to their local node (if it exists), and the backend connecting to a IPFS gateway to upload the encrypted report to IPFS.

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