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Automated conditional transactions using Account Abstraction


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ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

Defi market feels a lack of automating delayed or conditional transaction execution. Automating them from your wallet perspective is not possible. You need some contract to store funds, be capable of executing data, and be fully controlled by the owner… Safe account abstraction capability rocks in!

Utilizing Safe Protocol SDK and Safe Plugins we developed a service for tracking executable txns and pay for execution using hooks mechanism.

How it's Made

It all begins with a React UI. Through it, you can set up Safe, define the price limit for a transaction, sign a transaction, and send it to Safe.

On our backend, we simulate transactions to see if they meet their conditions. On successful simulation, we execute it.

Inside a Safe, we attach a special fee retriever Plugin (Hook), which calculates the amount of used gas for execution, and multiplies it to a gasPrice. This will be a fee, that user will transfer to us.

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