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Location based memorials and Photography Specific NFT marketplace with inbuilt tool to identify counterfeit NFTs


Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Footprints is a NFT based decentralized application which allows users to create there own NFT of their valuable memories along with a Photography marketplace.

Memorials Section :
In this application we are trying to convert a moment into a non fungible asset. NFT guarantees that you are the owner of that moment. We often visit a place where it is said that this was the birthplace of a famous personality, what if we get to see the image of that person from that time of his birth at that particular location ?

We often visit a place and we want leave back our footprints at that location. Who won't want to have his photo being displayed in front of Eiffel Tower. But is it possible for a common man to build a monument with his photo on it as such places. No, right? But with Footprints its totally possible.

Every friend group has a specific location where they used to hangout during their childhood friends and during their reunion they definitely visit that place to cherish their old memories. What if they get to see all their childhood memories captured at that time at that location. The feeling of watching and cherishing those moments at that location would be doubled.

With Footprints your memories would always stay at that location.

Photography NFT Section: When photographers visit some places, they click the photographs of that locations. They can create the NFTs of their photographs on Footprints. The other users visiting that place can view and buy those NFTs. Just like when we visit some place and buy local handicrafts, paintings etc, they can buy the digital photographs NFTs.

Now if other person takes a screenshot or downloads the photograph and try to recreate the NFT with already existing NFT, the counterfeit NFTs would be identified and he won't be able to recreate the NFT. The tool used to identify the counterfeit NFTs is successful to identify if the photograph is made blur, cropped, changed to black and white or edited(changed/ added a new logo)

How it's Made

Our project makes use of the, IPFS and by Filecoin - products of Protocol Labs to store the NFT metadata. was exactly what our application needed as we wanted to store the location of NFTs where they were created.

The smart contracts are deployed on Polygon(Previously Matic) network. We have tried to solve the problem statement given by Polygon to create a Photography-specific NFT marketplace with inbuilt tool to identify counterfeit NFTs.

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