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Leveraging Social Networks for Tokenized Incentives Using Zero Knowledge Proofs


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ETHGlobal Paris

Project Description

In the fast-growing DeFi space, community engagement is key. FollowDrop is here to incentivize and reward those who are actively participating and supporting our community. But we're not just another airdrop project; we have a unique twist.

By integrating with Lens Protocol, a decentralized social media platform, and Sismo, an on-chain proof generator, FollowDrop goes beyond the typical airdrop mechanics. We don't just check if a user holds our Governance Token; we also ensure they're actively following our community on social media. This dual-check system ensures our rewards go to the most engaged and active community members.

With FollowDrop, we're not just distributing tokens; we're building a community. Our users aren't just token holders; they're active participants in our ecosystem. We believe this will lead to a more robust, engaged community and a healthier token economy.

And the best part? It's all secured and verified on-chain. With FollowDrop, you can be confident in the transparency and fairness of our airdrop process.

Join us as we redefine community incentives in the DeFi space. FollowDrop, where social engagement meets token rewards.

How it's Made

Using Sismo, we are checking if a wallet is following someone on Lens Protocol. In our case, it checks if the wallet is following the “Sismo Group” on Lens, and also checks if the wallet has a particular Governance Token, in our case, it's checking if we have the Polygon ERC20 dummy token. If it's satisfied, a proof is generated using Sismo and verified on-chain and an airdrop is claimed.

This is an innovative Web3 application that uses zk-SNARKs to ensure privacy while verifying user credentials. It interfaces with the Web3 Lens protocol to confirm a user's follower status and checks their ownership of a specific governance token. Successful verification grants users access to privileged community resources, like a restricted Telegram channel.

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