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Browser extension that allows you to quickly share to Lens Protocol.


Created At

ETHOnline 2022

Winner of


🥇 Lens Protocol — Fast Publishing


🥇 IPFS & Filecoin — Best use

Project Description

Focalize is a browser extension that makes it quick and easy to post on Lens Protocol. With the extension, you can share tweet-sized posts, images and videos, links, and long-form articles using a WYSIWYG Markdown editor.

What makes Focalize special is the ability to post to Lens Protocol without the need for a third-party website/app! With it you can create and sell NFTs as easily as you post to Twitter.

How it's Made

Built with the Chrome extension APIs, Lens API, and, Focalize v0.1.0 runs on the Mumbai testnet. The web app uses Svelte, Apollo, and GraphQL, as well as lens.js.

This extension was purposefully built for the Lens "fast publishing" challenge, and couldn't have been made without the Lens API. IPFS is used for the content and metadata storage and makes it a breeze to integrate.

The "Quick Share" toolbar button pre-fills the post with the url, title and description of the tab you're currently on, using open graph tags. This means you can share links to Lens in as little as 2 clicks!

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