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Focal aims to provide a visually appealing resource for marketing teams to gain insights into their web3 clientele, fuelling future marketing campaigns by providing necessary data.


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ETHGlobal Waterloo

Project Description

Focal is a marketing CRM for companies looking to expand into web3. Companies can create focals (also known a promotions) that give their customers promotions after they connect their wallet. Focal v1 supports Shopify discount codes. Based on the predefined criteria from the company, when a customer connects their wallet on the Shopify store, it will automatically verify ownership and check to see if they meet the outlined criteria thanks to the use of Airstack on the backend.

Upon completion, the customer is granted a discount code that gets automatically applied at checkout. On the Focal end, the company can now see who connected, what focal they claimed, what assets they own, and what their web3 socials are (Farcaster and Lens).

Thanks to Airstack, Focal can provide companies with the ability to start outreach to their customers in a more intimate way, via the customers web3 socials.

Focal aims to expand its outreach offerings by adding the ability to send broadcast messages to several customer wallets thanks to XMTP's broadcast messaging service. Focal also plans to add more sorting, filtering, and the ability to search across the data accessible on Focal, to improve the companies experience, and assist in the generation of future marketing campaigns.

How it's Made

Focal uses Next.js for the dashboard and api. We engage Firebase Firestore as our database, and Airstack as our sole data provider. Airstack offers a variety of GraphQL api endpoints, making querying data reliable and to the point.

Focal also provides businesses with a Shopify connect wallet widget, built using vanilla html/js, and connects directly to our apis. Focal ensured that this button is standalone, so the business could add it anywhere on their site via the Shopify Online Store editor found in the edit theme section of the Shopify Admin Dashboard.

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