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FNS: Filecoin Naming Service

FNS is a decentralized name service based on the Filecoin EVM. It resolves Metadata into easy-to-read xxx.fil names. fns.fil subdomains (such as alice.fns.fil) are distinguished from other domains by non-transferable SBT to ensure identity uniqueness.

FNS: Filecoin Naming Service

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Project Description

FNS has two key features:

  1. Filecoin Naming Service
  • a. ERC-721 Standard: each FNS domain is treated as an NFT, and the FNS contract complies with all interfaces of the ERC-721 standard and can be transferred and traded on secondary markets
  • b. Functions included: registry, resolver, controller, auction, expiration, reverse resolve, etc.
  • c. Miner Domains Service (MDS): Miner naming and indexing will be implemented based on Filfox explorer. The owners can configure domain names for their miners. Users can use Filfox browser to search for the domain name to find the corresponding miner and display the corresponding domain name on the miner details page
  1. Web3 Profile: FNS Space (in the roadmap)

Web3 users need a decentralized portal to connect their on-chain and off-chain personal data. For a long time, web3 users have explored the meaning of the decentralized world on the chain, but they can only show themselves in web2 social media and find like-minded web3 friends. With the help of the FNS protocol, users can create their personalized brand portals on FNS Space, use filecoin and IPFS storage space to store and display their exploration of the web3 world in a decentralized manner by binding FNS SBT, and at the same time through FNS PoSO The (Proof of Society) protocol links verified web2 identity influence to the web3 world. The FNS protocol will also launch the filfox SoulScan service. Users can find web3 friends more suitable for themselves (such as participating in the same ecosystem, developers, etc.) based on FNS Space.


  • a. FNS will reserve the fns.fil domain name for FNS Space to implement on-chain domain name resolution
  • b. The subdomains of fns.fil (such as alice.fns.fil) are different from other domain names and are non-transferable SBT to ensure unique identity
  • c. There is no permission to create a space, just apply for the subdomain of fns.fil, and link the wallet to log in to the space with the address
  • d. Users can configure their profile on the space dashboard, such as nickname, logo, occupation, favorite web3 project, Twitter, telegram, and other information. The configured information will be generated as a web file and uploaded to IPFS and will also be sent as a deal to the filecoin network to be packaged to sectors; the user signature binds IPFS and filecoin order CID to the resolution of the user subdomain name, and the user can access the space through the subdomain name; at the same time, space will also update some metadata of the user to SBT
  • e. Users use FNS Space's PoSO protocol to verify web2 social media influence and social relationships through authorization, generate identity preferences and influence values ​​, and bind them into SBT to link web2 identity influence to the web3 world
  • f. Users use the filfox SoulScan search service to view space content through the fns.fil subdomain or find web3 friends by querying metadata in SBT such as occupation, hobbies, and influence values

We will also launch a DID wallet solution integrating FNS in foxWallet to realize the unification of user web3 identities.

How it's Made

We use solidity to write smart contracts, use FEVM hardhat kit to test and deploy contracts; we use Vue to construct front-end pages and use ethers.js to realize contract calls and interactions and realize login and transaction signing and broadcasting by evoking metamask. When deploying the contract, hardhat could not obtain the event and threw an exception. By optimizing the deployment script and deploying it multiple times, we solved the problem.

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