Personal financial management app where you automate your money via streams


Created At

HackMoney 2021

Project Description

flowroll let's you manage your personal finances as streams, instead of the way we must currently send money around in batches. By utilizing continuous streams, you get the most out of your savings and investments by maximising the amount of interested earned.

For this event, a prototype of streaming DAI into a savings account (Aave) has been built. This is to provide an illustration of what it will look like when your income is paid in a continuous stream and how you can use apps such as flowroll to redirect portions of your income into savings. If the user wishes, the savings remain in their custody, such that they can use Aave and access the funds streamed via flowroller.

Despite pooling funds, the app manages the streams from each individual sender, so that they are able to deposit and withdraw from the savings account via the app.

How it's Made

This project uses Superfluid protocol in order to facilitate streaming into and out of a wallet and into a savings account. The savings account of choice is Aave.

When a user 'Saver A' wishes to set up a stream into a savings account - the stable coin is streamed into a SuperApp which is a smart contract registered with Superfluid. Upon receiving the stream, the metadata for a user is managed and funds are accumulated over time. On occassion the accumulated funds from a stream is deposited into Aave on behalf of Saver A (preserving their custody of their tokens). Both Superfluid and Aave require their own wrapped DAI in order to operate so Uniswap is used to interchange between the two.

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