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Flowise simplifies cryptocurrency use by enabling easy creation and management of USDC-based prepaid wallets. Users can swiftly generate, fund, and securely share their wallets, providing a user-friendly and efficient crypto experience.


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ETHGlobal London

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Circle - Best Application for Dollar Access

Project Description

Flowise is a web-based application that aims to democratize the use of cryptocurrencies by making them accessible and easy to use for a broad audience, regardless of their technical expertise or familiarity with the crypto space. The project specifically focuses on leveraging the stability and reliability of the USDC stablecoin to create a user-friendly financial tool that minimizes the complexities often associated with digital currencies. Here's a detailed breakdown of what Flowise is and how it functions:

Core Functionality:

Prepaid Wallet Creation: Flowise allows a user, referred to as the creator, to set up prepaid digital wallets for others (recipients). This process is designed to be straightforward and fast, requiring minimal steps and no advanced technical knowledge.

USDC Transactions: The platform exclusively uses USD Coin (USDC). This choice makes the platform particularly suitable for users seeking stable and predictable value storage and transactions.

User Roles:

Creator: The creator is the individual who initiates the wallet creation process. They fund the wallet with a specified amount of USDC and designate a recipient by entering their email address.

Recipient: The recipient is the end-user who receives access to the prepaid wallet via an email link. They can use the funds within the wallet without needing to understand the underlying blockchain technology or manage private keys.


Wallet Setup by Creator: The creator logs into Flowise, connects their existing cryptocurrency wallet, and opts to create a new prepaid wallet. They specify the recipient's email and the amount of USDC to deposit.

Link Generation and Email Dispatch: Once the wallet is set up, Flowise generates a unique, secure link to the prepaid wallet and sends it to the recipient via email. This process abstracts the complexity of cryptocurrency transactions, making it user-friendly for the recipient.

Access and Usage by Recipient: Upon receiving the email, the recipient clicks the link to access their prepaid wallet through the Flowise interface. They can then use the funds for transactions.

Management and Oversight: The creator retains the ability to oversee the prepaid wallets they have established, including options to add additional funds or withdraw them, providing a layer of control and management over the distributed funds.

Use Cases:

For Young Users: Parents or guardians can create wallets for their children to introduce them to cryptocurrencies in a controlled and safe environment, ideal for educational purposes or small transactions.

For Crypto Novices: Individuals new to cryptocurrencies who may find traditional wallets and exchanges daunting can use Flowise to experience crypto transactions without the need for in-depth technical knowledge.

For Travelers: Users planning to travel can utilize Flowise to carry a digital currency that avoids the risks and complications associated with carrying their main personal crypto wallets or using traditional banking services abroad.

In summary, Flowise is a platform designed to streamline and simplify the use of cryptocurrencies, making them more approachable and functional for a variety of users while maintaining an emphasis on security and user experience.

How it's Made

The application was developed using the following technologies:

Next.js: a framework for web application development that ensures rapid and high-quality development, being natively compatible with React.js. It was used to create both the backend and frontend of the application.

PostgreSQL: a database used to collect data on users who log into the application and to manage prepaid wallets.

Dynamic: ensures a web2 experience for those who want to register on the platform to deposit their first USDC and to create prepaid cards.

Circle: We utilize Circle's infrastructure to manage all transactions within the application. The list of functionalities includes:

  • Transferring funds from the user's wallet from Ethereum to Polygon to create the prepaid wallet using CCTP.
  • Creating the wallet for managing the prepaid card through a dev programmable wallet.
  • Using the gas station to send USDC via the prepaid wallets.

We believe that using dev programmable wallets is perfect for our use case. Although dev programmable wallets are simple to use and entirely managed by the platform, which places users' funds in the hands of third parties, they may choose to avoid using them for large amounts. However, for smaller amounts and considering the significant ease of use, dev programmable wallets are an excellent compromise.

Dynamic aims to create a web3 experience that is as close as possible to a web2 platform. We have committed ourselves to creating a simple yet elegant UI/UX experience that meets the standards of current financial applications.

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