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Marketplace for tokenised equity offering into Australian-based startups.


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ETHGlobal Sydney

Winner of


Worldcoin - Pool Prize

Prize Pool

Project Description

FluxFi offers a marketplace for tokenised equity offerings into Australian-based startups. Startups can offer a portion of their equity - as part of their fundraising efforts - on the platform. This will be offered as digital tokens powered by Mantle, where investors can complete their due diligence and enable fractionalised investment into domestic startups, from anywhere and anytime in the world (subject to deal status) - powered by the global identity verification of Worldcoin.

How it's Made

The project was forked using the Scaffold-ETH starter for the front-end and contract development. Worldcoin was our choice of authentication as this would've created a layer of trust on who you were interacting with, with the contracts being deployed on Mantle. We had issues with both Worldcoin and Mantle

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