A Uniswap v3 flashswap implementation. this works with at least three diffrent pools.


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Project Description

This is a flash swap project that a user can borrow funds from pool1 and swap it for project in another pool (pool2) and the margin profit is compared. if swapped token is grater than borrowed token, the transaction succeeds otherwise it is reverted. The optimism network was forked using the Alchemy RPC for optimism mainnet. This enabled me to simulate the mainnet locally while interacting and observing the flashswap contract.

How it's Made

This project uses the Uniswap V3 flashswap contract. a lot of scripts in typescript where written for test and to run the flshswap. pool information was gotten from https://info.uniswap.org/#/pools with the pool charges.

Hardhat was used to fork the main-net so as to test the flashswap without incurring cost.

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