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FlashSuite is a set of tools created in a user-friendly interface with FlashLoan enabled features for position migration and arbitrage opportunities.


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Project Description

FlashSuite’s goal is to allow anyone to perform operations on Ethereum that involve using a Flash Loan without having to write a line of code.

Our suite currently has 2 tools: one is for migrating positions on Aave from one account to another (FlashPos), the other relates to identifying arbitrage opportunities (FlashArb).

FlashPos: From our user-friendly interface, users can connect with an account and see what deposits and loans they have on Aave. After selecting which of them they want to migrate to another account they own, they can perform the migration in just a few clicks.

We intend to continue the development of FlashPos, adding more features such as: partial migration of a loan or a deposit, swapping collateral, loan, or interest rate mode during the migration, and reducing the number of transactions using permit() (EIP2612).

FlashArb: This tool allows users to identify arbitrage opportunities in real-time on Coin-Pairs between decentralized exchanges. They can also simulate an arbitrage trade using a Flash loan by selecting the spread between 2 DEXs, entering the amount borrowed, and gas cost. Our tool will then give an estimation of the net profit.

Coming next is the implementation of a button to actually perform the selected arbitrage powered by a flash loan. Once that’s complete, we plan to then add functionality that allows the users to set automatic flash loans based on wide price spread just like a “limit trade” (e.g. if Eth-Dai pair spread between Uni and Sushi > 3% && gas price is less than x, execute flash loan).

How it's Made


  • Information about users positions are retrieved from Aave smart contract directly

  • Origin account approves the transfer of deposits (aTokens)

  • Destination account delegates credit to our smart contract

  • Our smart contract borrows tokens with a flash loan, transfers the deposits (aTokens) from origin to destination, repays the origin’s loans, borrows on behalf of the destination, and finally repays the flash loans… All of that in one transaction!

  • Though the selected deposits and loans are migrated, the underlying tokens borrowed initially by the origin account remain untouched


  • Given a pair of tokens selected by the user, we are querying the prices from both 1inch & 0x APIs.

FlashSuite Dapp is built with the following technologies and tools :

  • FlashPos smart contract is written in Solidity, tested, and deployed with javascript, Ethers, Hardhat framework, and plugins

  • The client-side is developed with Javascript, ethers and Svelte, a modern JavaScript framework, with no server, enabling easy deployment on IPFS.

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