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Flaq is an edtech platform for onboarding web2 users to web3 through interactive simulations, offline educational events and structured easy-to-understand content.


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ETHIndia 2022

Project Description

All the education right now is associated with developer education focussed on onboarding web2 developers to web3. However, web3 right now lacks mass adoption from web2. We solve this by ensuring easy education for web2 folks. Also, we break language barriers in web3 by having multilingual educational content in Hindi, Bengali, Spanish, etc. We are also accessibility focussed to ensure its an inclusive community. Lastly, we solve the problems around practical learning. While everyone is doing fragmented academic learning (we do it single source - ie DeFi, DAOs, NFTs, Basics, etc., all on one platform!); noone is teaching the practical side of things. We do this through 'testrun web3' interactive simulations on all chains such as Filecoin, Ethereum, Solana, Algorand, Cosmos, Aptos, etc., and ensure that a web2 user can try out every on chain action like creating a wallet, swapping tokens, interacting w a multi sig, etc., without the risk of the web3 space itself!

How it's Made

Translations were a huge issue for us because AI software translations are not accurate, and human translations are not scalable. So, we combined both to ensure that it is scalable and accurate. We now run an AI translation first and then a human translator solves the issues. Understanding FVM was also an issue but we solved it!

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