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We build a Web3 social app based on In-Real-Life events to bridge real connection in DID.


Created At

HackFS 2022

Project Description


Make everyone embrace web3


Web3 social app still feels boring because of a lot of scams and bots out there auto-generating low quality contents and also low users population Web3 IRL events also have problem - No infrastructure connecting one's DID and IRL activities, disintegrated tools for event management (airdrop, holder verification, etc), and also lacks of good aggregation of all the events.


We help build the most natural and real web3 connections through IRL events.


  1. One-stop, wallet based web3 event management(airdrop, tokengated party, etc)
  2. Users can do event based social (social graph documented in user control DID)
  3. Aggregation of all events

What we have done so far

  1. Wallet based event create(airdrop tokengated parties), signup, check-in
  2. Aggregations of events

How it's Made

  1. Events data is saved in IPFS.
  2. Used Meson Network to speed up our project.
  3. Used CyberConnect for universal identifiers.
  4. Deployed to Polygon and Ethereum.
  5. Used Moralis.
  6. We will further connect it with technology like Ceramic, Biconomy, Lens Protocol, Next.ID, and also ZK EVM in the future.
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