FirstName NFT

Give a FirstName for NFTs, LastName for Collections . To ease the access to NFTs

FirstName NFT

Created At

NFTHack 2022

Project Description

The objective of this project is to ease the access to NFT, while giving FirstNames to NFT et LastNames to Collections with the help of ENS domains The project includes a resolver only, future work will be to integrate creation of ENS names during the Minting of NFTs, and later to add this ENS names to existing NFTs

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How it's Made

Svelte + EtherJs : light web client (hosted on GitHub Pages) interacting with the Rinkeby Network

URL field is used for Collections , ADDRESS field is used for collection address, and NOTICE fiels (no possibility to define a new field ?) is used for TokenId Field Interaction with ENS Domains app and with OpenSea app on Rinkeby

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