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Filscan provides one-stop data service for participants of Filecoin ecosystem.


Created At

HackFS 2021

Project Description

Filscan is committed to building Filecoin data analysis center, providing Filecoin ecosystem services, data visualization and one-stop data services across the chain, and building a data intelligence platform for business applications. Filscan is built with multiple functions including monitoring panel, visual data service, API interface service ,etc.

How it's Made

Filscan mainly uses GO and VUE language to write the entire project code. The software architecture is microservice architecture, including service registration discovery, message management, service monitoring. The communication protocol is JSONRPC, the cache layer is Redis, and the storage layer is Postgres. The backend relies on official Lotus services to synchronize basic data from the chain to the basic database in real time. Through our own in-depth understanding of Filecoin, we have extracted a lot of valuable data to provide higher value for our B-side and C-side clients.

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