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Data Marketplace in polygon , on top of IPFS, Lens Protocol and ChainLink1\\


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ETHGlobal Lisbon

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🏊 Polygon — Build on Polygon


5️⃣ Chainlink — Best Hack

Project Description

We have developed a data marketplace powered by Lens Protocol, where users can purchase files. The marketplace includes a functionality called "Publishing Discount," which starts with an initial price for the files. Over time, the price is updated by the Chainlink Keeper, gradually increasing it. This means that the longer users wait to purchase the information, the higher the price will be. By following the Keeper's updates, users can acquire the contents at a much cheaper rate.

We have revived the brand Filesonic, which used to be a prominent storage services company but closed its doors around 2011. Today, we are relaunching Filesonic with a focus on decentralized storage and leveraging decentralized storage tools and utilities.

As part of the ETH Global Lisbon Hackathon, our team aims to present one of our main development goals, which is a data marketplace. In our roadmap, the primary solution being developed is a decentralized storage service.

This project utilizes IPFS for file uploads, Lens for creating posts and gathering user and profile data, and all the associated data histories linked to them.

How it's Made

This project is built on top of the Lens Protocol to integrate user profiles with their respective accounts. It allows us to link sellers and buyers and identify buyers who possess a Lens tag. Certain restrictions apply to users who do not have the Lens tag.

We also utilize Chainlink as another technology in our project. It enables us to automate price increments for files/posts based on a time-based parameter.

For our network infrastructure, we have chosen Polygon. We have deployed our smart contracts on the Polygon network.

To accommodate users without a Lens tag, we have implemented a mechanism that directly utilizes IPFS for file uploads.

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