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FileSaver is a fully decentralized drive for permanent file storage, accessible for both public and private use. Store your files with confidence, knowing they will be stored indefinitely.


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FVM Space Warp

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🔥 Filecoin & IPFS — 🏊 FVM Jetpacks


🏆 FVM Space Warp Finalist

Project Description

FileSaver is a decentralized drive that operates on the Filecoin network and is designed to help store humanity’s most important information. With FileSaver, users can store, share, and access their files from anywhere in the world through the FileSaver platform, with no storage limits in terms of time or memory. FileSaver guarantees that data will be stored for a specified amount of time, such as 10 or 20 years or more, without requiring user action to extend the deal, thanks to the F(E)VM user actor that automates the deal extension process.

FileSaver has two main modules:

  1. Private Drive: This module securely stores a user’s encrypted data, which can only be accessed at the user’s discretion. Users can choose the level of decentralization by selecting their providers and the number of replicas of the file, making it nearly impossible for a single entity to access or manipulate the data. This is ideal for storing sensitive documents such as medical records and passports.

  2. Public Drive: This module is meant for the public good and is a public database consisting of data feeds made by the FileSaver community. By donating to public deals and extending their life on FileSaver, the community decides what data matters and for how long. The public drive is a great way to store truthful information and fight censorship, or share knowledge in an open manner.

FileSaver is a public drive for all of us, offering the following benefits:

  • Store files once and for all, with all public files accessible to anyone.
  • Community decides what matters forever by donating to deals to store files for longer periods.
  • Rewards storage providers for their contribution to the network.

FileSaver stores what matters most, forever.

How it's Made

  • The main idea behind the FileSaver was to enable FEVM Permissionless Perpetual Deals on top of which various different use cases can be built. The current deal extension limitation is resolved through F(E)VM user actor that automated this process.
  • The frontend is created using React, and NodeJS is used for the backend, along with for uploading files to IPFS.
  • The F(E)VM user actors are written in Solidity, and with ethers, we can interact with them on both the front and back ends. A set of smart contracts is ready to be configured and used for decentralized renewable deal making when FIP44 is implemented.
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