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When a Filecoin storage deal is made, the person concerned can obtain an NFT as proof. That NFT contains information such as the file size and who made the deal on-chain. This could be an incentive for Filecoin sustainability.


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FVM Space Warp

Project Description

I feel that Filecoin could have more innovations to make the node more sustainable. This could be accomplished by an NFT, like a certificate of accreditation to prove it.

One major difference between the Filecoin VM and EVM smart contracts is the ability to get on-chain metadata for files hosted by IPFS nodes. Considering the value of this, I felt that it would make sense to create a certificate that can record such metadata (especially cid and file size, etc.) as an NFT.

This is similar to POAP, but has a more Filecoin-like appeal. For example, if it could be memorialized that you deal a large file or a particular file (cid), that would be something to brag about. And many people would want to run more nodes.

How it's Made

First, I used fevm-hardhat-kit to create and test the contract.

In the contract, I used the MarketAPI library (@zondax/filecoin-solidity) to get Filecoin specific information from Actor. I called getDealDataCommitment, getDealClient, and getDealProvider (recognizing that it is especially important to get the file size on-chain).

I also used Remix and MetaMask to test the operation.

Finally, I created a website to mint and display NFTs. This is done using Next.js and Ethers.js.

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