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We are a DATA DAO that through a REFI model we seek to compensate each block of data that is stored in the Filecoin blockchain


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FVM Space Warp

Project Description

We are a DATA DAO that seeks to offset each block of data that is stored on the Filecoin blockchain through our REFI model.

Our mission is to build a digital world where each block of data represents an opportunity to do things better. In this life everything is information and when we manage to give the correct weight to the data we can make opportune decisions to generate correct possibilities. One of the possibilities that we are most interested in preserving is life itself, which is why we launched the campaign: FALECOIN(SCL) O FALECOIN A SECOND CHANCE FOR LIFE. In this initiative we intend to find a balance between the digital and natural world, planting a Tree for each block of DATA stored. At this time the initiative is that for every 10 Token (FIL) a contract will be activated that will commission 5 USD to plant a TREE. To determine the exact ecological footprint of a block of data, we have built the DATA DAO MERCADO VERDE, a community dedicated to validating and guaranteeing the traceability of the stored information. In a next phase, the GREEN MARKET platform will be launched where consumers and companies can enter to obtain conscious products or services. By this, we mean products or services that will have a lower environmental impact to reach the buyer's hands.

The DAO has a Refi scheme where it encourages consumers and businesses to shop consciously.

The wealth of the DAO comes from the sale of valuable DATA and its compensation, the distribution of which is done as follows:

  1. 20% for the developer equid for maintaining the project, there are several development phases, one of the most important is the tokenomiz and the development of the AI ​​that can calculate the correct weight of the data.

  2. 30% to support the compensation token, this will be distributed among the buyers of the green market.

  3. 50% to invest in green projects, this will lower the ecological footprint of the products or services that are sold in the green market place and generate wealth for the DAO.

The DAO governance tokens are distributed among the community who is in charge of bringing valuable information that can be traced.

An example :

A consumer wants to buy red X brand tennis shoes, in the market there are many options of the same pair of tennis shoes but the consumer is interested in buying tennis shoes with the least environmental impact, that is to say that their manufacture is not more than N kilometers away and during Its manufacturing process has guaranteed good environmental practices. The consumer comes to our platform where he will find the information of what he wants.

How it's Made

The goal of this Hackathon is to prototype as much as possible, so we did the following:

  1. A landing that for ease was developed in wordpress.

  2. Developing the Dao is complex for such a short time but it was decided to prototype using Dework to manage tasks and Discord to communicate

  3. To offset the ecological footprint of the tokens, a smart contract is built that would allow 5 USD to be commissioned for every 10 FIL to plant a tree. This is connected to the PUSH protocol to notify the user when the contract is activated

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