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FilCRM is a Decentralized CRM for lead management for businesses.


Created At

HackFS 2024

Project Description

FilCRM is a decentralized CRM application for businesses, It helps in assisting businesses with lead management, and monitoring. Fully decentralised with total storage on Filecoin through Lighthouse, we aimed to eliminate user security issues.

We also integrated AI into the data sorting process, enabling simpler manual uploads of Lead data.

How it's Made

This project utilizes partner technologies like Filecoin, in multiple ways.

We utilize Filecoin for decentralized storage through IPFS, via the Lighthouse API, as the SDK had a little concern. This eliminates user privacy concerns, alongside end-to-end encryption. We are deployed on the Filecoin VM, being the only chain supported so far. This enables ease of use. We also utilized various technologies like:

NextJS, for the Frontend NodeJS for the Backend Rainbow walletkit Ethersjs

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