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Over collateralized Fil backed stablecoins for local African currencies


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Project Description

FILAfrique seeks to provide FIL backed Stablecoins and DEX for African currencies. To facilitate intercontinental trade and use of DeFi products in the region, local currency stablecoins will make this easier and onboard the next billion users to crypto. FILAfrique will provide users the ability for users swap their FIL tokens for local currency Stablecoins through our DEX

Items to be completed for the hackathon: Build and deploy smart contract/s for stablecoins and DEX. Build DEX UI.

How it's Made

I will be using Angular for the frontend, Solidity contracts deployed on FEVM for the stablecoins and DEX, and metamask for wallet connection. I am using the FEVM starter kit to speed up development.

The main workings of the project: Stablecoin contract which links to the DEX smartcontract. A makeshift oracle contract will be created to mimic an oracle network. The user will be able to test using the angular built frontend.

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