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FEVM DataDAO boilerplate

Boilerplate project for quick launch of a token governed dataDAO on FEVM

FEVM DataDAO boilerplate

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Project Description

I decided to go for a repo collection that helps developers and DAOs to quickstart their governance on Wallaby and later on FEVM. I combined different packages and kits to create a smooth experience to launch a fully on-chain governed dataDAO. I currently use the MarketAPI Mocks, but I am planning to update all mocks as soon there is new functions. My next steps are to create a Factory Contract wrapper and a frontend to make this quicklaunch kit available to non-devs as well. I want to create a frontend quickstart kit as well, offering all the market-functions as proposal selector.

How it's Made

I combined the following packages together and tested them all for running on wallaby. A user can follow the readme to quickly launch a fully on-chain governed DAO. || ||

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