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An exploration into generating Farcaster frames and decoding Frame post actions


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Project Description

This project started out as something different but turned into an exploration of how to create Farcaster Frames and decode Frame post actions. I only signed up for Farcaster a few days ago, and this was a great opportunity to read some of the specs, try out a few different technologies, and then code up a Farcaster Frame server.

How it's Made

I built a simple Farcaster Frame server in Go, and launched it on so it could be accessible over the Internet for Farcaster embeds. The server takes a specification for a frame, and dynamically generates and encodes the text into an SVG image embedded in a data URI. It also generates Frame buttons and an input field according to the provided frame specification. The server accepts posts back from button clicks and decodes them, although I did not get to validating the frame signature.

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