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First mobile cross-chain exchange. Our platform empowers users to send tokens effortlessly from one network to another, all within the familiar environment your phone, eliminating the need to connect your wallet directly.


Created At

ETHGlobal Istanbul

Winner of


NEAR Protocol - Best Frontend Component Built with BOS 2nd Place


Flashbots - Best Use of UniV4 3rd Place

Project Description

By eliminating the need for direct wallet connections, FastSwaps not only enhances user convenience but also prioritizes security, providing a seamless and secure gateway for individuals to navigate the crypto world with ease.

Process Explanation:

User Initiation: Users select the destination for their funds without the need for a connected wallet.

Endpoint Validation: A validation endpoint ensures sufficient liquidity on one side before providing the user with the destination address. Simultaneously, it generates wallet and swap information for user execution.

User Transaction: Users send funds to the provided wallet address. A centralized watcher (for the hackathon MVP) monitors the transaction.

Watcher Functionality: The watcher validates the incoming transaction and extracts liquidity from the other network. Using the Cow Protocol and Uniswap V4, it executes swaps, broadening the scope of available options for users. Additionally, CELO is incorporated into the process, utilizing addresses used in transaction processes. CELO returns 50% of the generated YIELD from our pools annually, serving as an incentivized reward for ecosystem engagement.

How it's Made

This project works as a cross-chain exchange, without connecting wallet.

The entire process is outlined in the following diagram:

Key Components:

Frontend Deployment: Deployed using Near BOS, our frontend interfaces with three endpoints critical for watcher functionality and validating liquidity pools to execute transactions securely.

Protocol and Networks: Cow Protocol and Uniswap V4 are employed for swaps, demonstrating versatility on Gorli, Polygon, and CELO networks during the hackathon.

User Experience and Design: The project prioritizes an enhanced user experience and design through Nouns style and vibes.

By implementing this decentralized cross-chain exchange with expanded protocol support, including Uniswap V4 and CELO, we revolutionize the way users transfer funds across networks. Our approach ensures security, efficiency, and accessibility across diverse platforms, while the CELO integration provides an attractive annual incentive for users engaging with our ecosystem.

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