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Farmed Particles

Gamification of yield farming in the style of Farmville, built on the Charged Particles Protocol

Farmed Particles

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Project Description

Farmed Particles allows users to own a "plot" of land as a Charged Particle, "plant" their assets into the Particle, and "harvest" the Charge. This project is a way to visualize yield farming via NFTs - when interest has accrued on your underlying assets in the Charged Particle, the crops will show up on your plot of land. You can then choose to harvest that interest or keep it growing! Farmed Particles is a fun way to visualize your DeFi money at work.

How it's Made

This project interfaces with the Charged Particles Protocol through the FarmedParticle.sol smart contract, and uses their underlying Aave Smart Wallet to handle the interest-bearing assets in each NFT "plot" of land. The tokenURIs are updated by a Refresh button to show the latest status of the farm's growth, which triggers a call to the Charged Particles contract to look up interest balances. The UI was bootstrapped using scaffold-eth (and the included hardhat package) for local development and deploying to the Kovan test network. The images for the tokenURIs are hosted on IPFS as well.

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