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Farchive: Comprehensive User Cast Archiving Solution Introduction In the rapidly evolving world of digital content creation, preserving and organizing user-generated content has become increasingly important. Farchive is an innovative solution


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Project Description

  • To be able to archive casts
  • The casts maybe exported in a standard format
  • Exports should be possible to
    • Centralised platforms - Google drive, One drive, Dropbox etc
    • Decentralised platforms - ipfs, arweave
    • Self hosted platforms - download csv, binary, json which maybe self hosted

How it's Made

There is an indexer that indexes all casts into a db When a user comes to the frame they are prompted to pay a fee Once that is done they mint an NFT, which if they poses they can read they get their casts from the given FID to be archived Archival is dynamic and happens every epoch, i.e. every week every day This ensure all aspects including reactions and replies are captured dynaically and updated periodically

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